May 2023

Software Integration Engineer, Aviation Blogger, Private Pilot & #Sneakerhead.

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Philip J. Newman

Hello, I'm a software engineer who specifically writes code for the LAMP enviroment. You can find me at airshows or loitering in someones hangar talking about aviation. During the week I'm a civvie, on the weekends I'm playing soldier. Life is my art!

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Cyclone Gabrielle Banner with link to website.


Some of us just got wet feet... others have lost everything they ever had.


Reservists are also known as weekend warriors. Taking time away from family once a month we train 20 days a year.

Private Pilot

It’s getting harder to keep current but flying has always been a big part of my life. There’s nothing like going on holiday and getting to fly yourself.

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+64 210 483999