The Veggie Garden


I’m an avid gardener and really enjoy growing my own vegetables.  From a kid I remember my parents letting me grow some tomatoes.  The sandy soil plot I was given didn’t really give me the best results but I got better at growing things.

Today I grow things in pots because of my renting situation.  I got a little discouraged every time I’d put in a garden I’d end up moving.  It was a little disheartening to see a well managed vegetable garden ending up being mown over or left to go feral by the next tenants.

Growing veggies in pots is actually a little harder than putting something into the ground.  My main problem is water.  Water drains though the pots and if the soil isn’t spongy enough to hold it, it runs right though.  The plant never gets a chance.

For a while I dabbled in hydroponics.  This got me some unwanted attention from law enforcement because it’s the same method people use to grow ‘other things’.  I just wanted a way to have a somewhat mobile garden that produced a decent crop.

Hydroponics is a hard one to manage because if you don’t have that constant flow of water and fertilizer passing the roots of the plant they die quickly.  You have to react quickly as they’ll only last a day on their own with no water.  This is what made me decide to go back to pots.  You can use the same principles but your plants don’t wither and die as quick.