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Kanga visits Whangarei Falls

  I always enjoy visiting Whangarei and stopping here at the waterfall is a must.  Kanga almost went for a dip while I was taking this photo.

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Rainbow Falls, Kerikeri, New Zealand

Rainbow falls is hidden in the bush to the north of Kerikeri. It’s hardly signposted but provides the most awesome place to take a dip on a hot day.  It’s also an awesome spot to take photos.

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Whangarei Falls, New Zealand.

When I’m heading up into Northland I always make time to stop at the Whangarei Falls. A quick walk across the top river and short bush walk to the bottom brings you to one of the most amazing spots to set up for a photoshoot.  Below the falls is a small oasis perfect for taking the […]

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Whangarei Falls Winter Madness

The weather in Northland had been somewhat damp for the last few days resulting in rather large rivers.  Whangarei Falls looks impressive when it’s not just a trickle. I don’t think I’ll be stopping for a picnic today the table is a tad wet.  

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