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Awesome weekend in Wanaka

The weather has been really good over the last few days. While the forecast was for rain, Wanaka decided against it. Sunny skies all around.

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Martin Jetpack at Warbirds over Wanaka.

A brief appearance of Marton’s unmanned jetpack at Warbirds over Wanaka.  It’s still the training day but still looked pretty epic from where I’m standing.  Tomorrow hopefully we’ll see some brave pilot take it for a flight.

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Lovely morning in Wanaka.

This morning I woke up and looked out the window to see some long forgotten blue sky.  The blue sky finally pushed through the clouds that had acted as a blanket for most of the trip. I’m planning on skipping the Warbirds over Wanaka show today and heading back to Christchurch. My stay in Wanaka has […]

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Warbirds over Wanaka 2014 – Jet Race.

L29’s and Vampires battle it out in one hell of an air race. Check out this video taken at WOW 2014.

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View from my window in Wanaka.

Like most days I was up ready to go just as the sun was hitting the peaks.  The view from Wanaka this morning was breathtaking.  I could move here no problem…

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