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Hiking to the top of Mt Auckland.

Mt Auckland is a hidden wilderness located north of Helensville on state highway 16.  The track isn’t for the faint hearted and is a true tramping track.  The formed track is marked by tags on...


Kanga visits Whangarei Falls

  I always enjoy visiting Whangarei and stopping here at the waterfall is a must.  Kanga almost went for a dip while I was taking this photo.


Kanga gets ready to return to Aussie.

I’m excited to get back to Sydney and this time Kanga will be coming back with me to catch up with Kiwi Josh. Check back for some exciting updates over the next few days.

Kanga visits Lake Wanaka.

I had just arrived in Wanaka and decided to take some photos of the lake. Kanga hopped out of the car with me so here’s Kanga sitting by the lake.  

Kanga visits Taumarunui.

I stopped in Taumarunui with Kanga this morning on the way down to Palmerston North. Kanga decided he wanted a photo taken so here he is on the roof of my car.