Category: Weather


Heavy snow falls in Waiouru.

There is nothing like a good snowfall in the winter.  It’s not something every Aucklander gets to see but as part of “Exercise Phoenix Shield”, soldiers from the newly formed 38 Combat Service Support Company...


Winter snow delays flights in Queenstown.

Queenstown airport reports that Helga is in action. Helga shifts 2,700 tonnes/hr and looks much needed for this ‘slight’ covering of snow. A number of flights have been cancelled but Airways reports they are...


Winter weather.

This weather is insane. Northland took the brunt of this weather event. Heavy rain has caused flooding and roads to closed. More photos to follow.

Localised summer thunderstorm.

I love a good thunderstorm just like the next guy and today that’s just what we got. It was a good one as well lasting over three hours.  As the storm moved closer the...

A light dusting of winter hail.

The last week has been rather interesting weather wise.  We’ve had everything from blue sky’s, heavy rain, gale force winds to electrical storms.  One News even reported on a tree that was struck by...


Whangarei Falls Winter Madness

The weather in Northland had been somewhat damp for the last few days resulting in rather large rivers.  Whangarei Falls looks impressive when it’s not just a trickle. I don’t think I’ll be stopping...