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Travelling with Newman

I like to go places and do things.  So let’s go places.

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Hello world!

Oh joy, I’ve started writing again. Instead of hello world it should be ‘watch out world’ for my spelling errors and super bad grammar.  That being said, the world is invited to find though words, videos and annoying audio pod casts who, what, where I am. I don’t travel as much as I used to […]

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I’ve been converted to wordpress.

After running my blog on my own home built software for the last few years I’ve decided it’s time to move onto a more stable platform.  I’ve chosen WordPress because it’s easy to template and has the ability to import all my old content. The move comes at a time where I find myself playing […]

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My Snowboard Coffee Table

I was planning on hitting the snow with mates but like all good plans… work got in the way. After my mate got married he gave me his old snowboard… you know, having kids changes you.  Your priorities change. I never say no to free stuff so I ended up putting it to good use. […]

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