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Blood test complete now I wait.

So this morning I sat waiting for my blood test reading a somewhat old ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine dated March 2002.  I was most certainly the youngest person there. I don’t like needles so when you get sent off for a blood test you hope that someone somewhere has come up with a really small one. […]

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The boy racers are moving.

Calm has fallen across the eastern suburbs.  Well at least it has in our bustling little avenue.  On my walk this morning I noticed the three homes in the street where they lived are now up for sale.  Outside one was a group of guys loading their over sized truck. “When the landlord put the […]

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Good morning Palmy! I’M HERE!

Yesterday around lunch time I arrived in Palmy (Palmerston North) to catch up with friends and sit my all-important aviation exams.  This morning after having a really good sleep I’ve woken up feeling like a million dollars.  I’ve come away from Auckland that always seems to run a million kilometres an hour to a smaller city that […]

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Photo page of my travels.

In the early days of being self employed I used to travel quite a bit.  Once a year (at least) I’d get to the south island and catch up with my mates.  It hasn’t been such lately just because of everyone’s situation. The financial crisis didn’t help either when the money stopped flowing.        Check […]

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“Where is your content” says Max.

This post is dedicated to Max who out of the blue sent me a text message after not being in contact for over a year.  It was just what I needed at that very moment was an old friend to pop his head back in and say hello.  Just because time passes it doesn’t mean […]

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