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Never blame anyone in your life.

Sometimes it’s really easy to blame someone else for the downfalls in your life. There is one problem with this. Other people aren’t controlling your life, you are.  I’ve been though a rough patch lately. It’s been no ones fault other than my own.  The choices I make don’t just effect one person. Your actions […]

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Run run run as fast as you can.

You all remember that chant kids used to yell out when you were at school, “Run run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the ginger bread man.” Well this has nothing to do with gingerbread but a lot to do with running. Lately I’ve been doing 50 metre sprints at […]

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Playing with new toys while running.

I’ve recently started using a Raspberry Pi that one of my mates acquired as a mobile Linux platform for testing some of my somewhat random location based software. Here’s how my new toy works: The Raspberry Pi (RPi) gets the location from the GPS attached to a usb port.  This is then coded into a […]

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ASB’s Ridiculous Over-The-Counter Fees.

Recently I’ve had a run in with ASB in regards to their fees.  I’ve known since the first time I got pinged $3 for an over the counter deposit that the fee was there, but I didn’t realise someone else could get the fee generated as well. I’ve been selling a few things on Trademe […]

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