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The greatest pleasure in life…

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. This is so very true.

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My 2013 YouTube message.

Merry Christmas everyone.  This was my first video in 2013 that I’ve posted to YouTube.  Haha! The last video funny enough was my 2012 Christmas message.  I really should get into making videos again.

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Awesome views after my run.

I’d just finished my 6.2km run and decided to take a snap of the awesome weather. It’s hot but not so hot I couldn’t finish my two laps. Next I headed to the shaded pull up bars. he pullup bars around the Panmure Basin. I’m not one for pull ups. I really hate them but […]

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Success occurs when …

When your life gets you down and you start making excuses just remember. “Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses.” I really believe this is true.

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Newman Rd.

A friend of mine sent me this pic. Newman Road just off East Coast Road on the way to Still Water.

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Trouble with an intercostal muscle.

I’m one of those guys who will avoid the doctor at any cost.  I hate them even more so when something is wrong.  I’ve been keeping up with my training and for personal reasons there was a need to push myself faster and harder than I’d done before.  At first I didn’t take any notice […]

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RIP my K6 friend.

Bella Rose you were a very loyal trusting K9 and will be missed by all the family.  

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A series of unfortunate events.

The last few weeks leading up to now have been rather interesting.  Right now I should be driving down to Palmerston North to finish some exams and catch up with friends.  I should be enjoying stepping away from my computer and disconnecting from technology.  Instead, I’ve been grounded by a series of unfortunate events that […]

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