Author: Philip Newman

Auckland to Nelson via. Mt Taranaki, New Zealand

Ardmore airport in south Auckland is one of New Zealand busiest. The airport is well known by the locals for its war bird population and flight training. After fueling the aircraft and performing a pre flight inspection my pilot completed all his checks then started up. Runway 21 was in use so our departure would […]

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Driver ends up on roof.

A driver walked away with minor scratches when the car ended up on it’s roof in the middle of the road. It’s not known how this driver managed to roll the car.  Fire and Police were on scene when I arrived. A witness said he heard the crash and had come out of his house […]

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Whangarei Falls Winter Madness

The weather in Northland had been somewhat damp for the last few days resulting in rather large rivers.  Whangarei Falls looks impressive when it’s not just a trickle. I don’t think I’ll be stopping for a picnic today the table is a tad wet.  

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My Snowboard Coffee Table

I was planning on hitting the snow with mates but like all good plans… work got in the way. After my mate got married he gave me his old snowboard… you know, having kids changes you.  Your priorities change. I never say no to free stuff so I ended up putting it to good use. […]

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Car crash at Pakuranga Plaza.

My brother sent me this photo this morning from his phone of a pretty nasty crash down by the Pakuranga Plaza.  He commented that a number of cars were involved but no one was seriously hurt. Police and Fire were in attendance.

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