Author: Philip Newman

The land of the long white cloud.

That moment when you realize that New Zealand really is the land of the long white cloud.  They really did get it right.  From up at this altitude you can see everything including the deep blue sky.

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Out for a fly: Turns.

Part of being a Private Pilot is keeping current. It’s hard to make sure you’re safe in the sky so every now and then I’ll go up with an instructor and practice the basics of flying.  In this technology driven world, sometimes it’s good to leave the tech behind and actually fly the aircraft. Today I […]

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Heading South – Cross Country Flying.

Keeping up your flying hours is a good way to spend all your hard earned money.  New Zealand has some stunning scenery if you get the right weather you can see all the way to Mt Taranaki from this location. This leg has been the most stunning, VFR from Taupo to Fielding.

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DC3 on takeoff roll at wanaka airshow.

There is something majestic about this old girl.  The rumble of the engines as she powers down the runway and ever so slowly glides into the sky.  Since getting my pilot’s licence I’ve wondered what it would be like to fly but I’d settle for being a passenger.

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Scheduled flights must go on.

There is something quietly humorous about an ATR landing at Wanaka in the middle of an airshow.  It’s almost like the walk of shame after a night out… everyone’s watching you even if you’re just there doing what you do every day.

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