All Blacks Vs. Wales


All Blacks vs. Wales

Attending a game at Eden Park is always an experience.  The All Blacks vs. Wales game was happening right in front of me. You could tell most of the crowd were supporting the local team by the cheers heard as as the teams both started making their way onto the field.

After kickoff there were some noticeable social factors being observed.  Firstly there’s the group of people who I’d call hard core fans. They are the ones draped in their team or national flags with painted faces. The loudest of the loud.  The second group are a bit more tame. They have come to enjoy the game. They tend to get over excited when their team gets the ball and stand up to cheer. The last group I’m definitely a member of.  We’re the group who are there for the entertainment and atmosphere.  We get excited but are well behaved enough not to jump around when things happen.

I’ll be honest. Rugby isn’t really my thing. Most of the time I’m just watching the ball getting shoved around the field. It was easier a few years ago when I knew the names of the players. This new squad while prone to dropping the ball at every possable moment seemed to gel together.  Something you can see from the stands.

Another part of the rugby expierance is using public transport. Auckland still hasn’t really nailed it when it comes to moving people around but they are almost there. For a complete n00b jumping on a train and getting to the right place is a little intimadating but it’s actually quite simple.  Out game tickets included the price of trains and event buses so it was a good chance to see out new trains in action.  From home to the city was easy. From the city to Kingsland Station was for me, a bit different.  I’m used to packed trains but this expierance was something different.

The trip home was easier and I think we may have beaten all the outgoing trains that were heading down the southern line by walking from the stadium to the Newmarket station. An awesome evening for sure.

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