Jetstar’s new Auckland -> Palmerston North Flights.


Getting from Auckland to Palmerston North just became a little cheaper now Jetstar’s picked up the route.  I checked out what it was going to cost.

$39 one way seemed a little far fetched for a fight… but if you don’t need any checked in luggage then it’s a steal.  7kgs of carry on is the usual.

The price goes up by $22 each way if you need to check in a bag.  However even with this extra it’s cheaper than rival Air New Zealand.


You will notice it’s $61 each way with a checked in bag. That’s not to bad really considering if you were to drive yourself you’d be paying $120+ in fuel at the current prices.


Air New Zealand I can get $79 from Auckland to Palmerston North and $69 for the return.  One thing to note, Air New Zealand’s booking system is slightly more user friendly than Jetstar’s.  While there’s a $28 difference in the flights I’d probably still go with Air New Zealand as my first experience with Jetstar they lost my luggage.

The question is now, will Air New Zealand lower it’s prices on this route to compete?

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