The Three Sisters National Park.


Everything on this trip was 100% new to me so I was like an excited kid on a road trip.  We arrived in the Three Sisters National Park and the scenery almost blew my mind.  It started with a teaser looking through this artwork across the valley.  When we arrived the sheer scale of what I was looking at hit me in the face.


The view from here was breathtaking.  It’s not often I use that word but I was genuinely shell shocked as I looked down and out over the huge expanse in front of me. For those of you with issues with heights you probably don’t want to look over the edge given you’re looking at almost 300m (1000ft) drop. Maybe it was the adventurer in me but I would have had no problems throwing a rope over the edge and abseiling down.


The Three Sisters are what people come here to see.  This jaggid formation of three rocks forming a ridge that protrudes into the valley has proven so popular a gift shop was built to cater for the growing tourist population.  It was at this point I decided a selfie was in order.


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