Vegetables for your daily mineral needs.

This graphic that was found on shows vegetables you can eat to access all your daily mineral needs.


Calcium for strong bones can come from Spinach, Broccoli, Celery, Mustard Greens, Avocado and Kale.  All of these can be grown at home.  Spinach and Celery will grown almost anywhere while Broccoli and Mustard Greens need a bit of attention.  If you own the property growing an Avocado tree would also be a good idea.

Magnesium is required by the body for almost everything.  Your brain requires it to function and also regulate body temperature produce energy and form healthy bones and teeth. In this list we have Almonds, Okra, Flax Seeds, Dill, Cacao and Basil. You can grow Dill and Basil in the garden quite easy. (read more)

Iron is required for the proper growth and development of your body.  It helps make up red blood cells.  Iron is also known to strengthen the immune system by making it strong enough to fight infections.  It helps carry oxygen from one cell to another and gives the blood its deep red colour. You can get iron from Pumpkin seeds, Kale, Broccoli and Spinach. (read more)

You can grow most of what’s the graphic in your own garden either from seed or by picking up some young seedlings from your local garden store.

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