The year ahead.

I’m really glad that 2013 is fading into the distance.  This year for me is my year of doing more.  Over the last 12 months I’ve been working hard to fund this year and all its wonderful adventures.  While I don’t get to travel often, I really enjoy a good road trip.

2014 will bring a number of trips. Firstly, I’ll be heading off down the North Island to Taupo, New Plymouth and Palmerston North.  In late April I’ll be heading off to Christchurch to catch up with friends and attend Warbirds over Wanaka for work.  Yes my work is that awesome! You’ll hear about that more as I get closer as I’ll be reporting from the event live. Very exciting!

Eventually once I’ve finished saving I’m going to take an epic voyage to Europe.  I’ve been saving for a few years, putting a little to the side so I can finally make the journey. Unfortunately I think that trip will be pushed back until 2015 or later as it’s a once in a lifetime trip most likely.

I still look at New Zealand as my prime travel goal.  There are still places I’ve not been and would like to go, like Graymouth on the west coast of the South Island.  Hopefully I’ll get to travel SH6 down the west coast to Wanaka this time around but we’ll see how things go.

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