5G networks bring more possibilities.

The internet world.While most of the world is still struggling with a rollout of their 4G networks South Korea have started on the next generation 5G network.  The 5G network is boasted to be more than 1000 times faster than 4G technologies.  Imagine having no delay downloading media on the go.

This technology is still in development but some of South Koreas network providers have said they’ll have a commercial rollout by 2017.

It’s unlikely that 5G will be seen in New Zealand for another decade with the current internal problems with our fibre network.  Even if some places went 5G the wired backbone support would need to be in place.

4G and 5G technologies bring some exciting possibilities.  Can you imagine having a video chat with your friend while sitting in separate cafes around the world? It seems hard to believe at this stage with the price of mobile data plans.  Admittedly since 2 Degrees Mobile have come into the market the price of mobile data is slowly becoming affordable.

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