Localised summer thunderstorm.

Taken on my LG Nexus 4

Taken on my LG Nexus 4

I love a good thunderstorm just like the next guy and today that’s just what we got. It was a good one as well lasting over three hours. ¬†As the storm moved closer the thunder got louder until it was right over the top. A chilling experience considering I’ve been in a house where the roof has been directly struck by lightning. It was loud and unpleasant. With the rain came moments of hail and heavy rain. For this to happen the cumulonumbus cloud must have had some altitude to it.

There were a number of power outages in the storms path but vector was unable to confirm if the outages were caused by the storm.

After the storm passed the sun was quick to return. Another storm and another example that weather patterns in the area are changing.

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