No Phone or Internet for 24 hours.


It’s quite amazing how much of my work is done in the cloud.  You only really approached high-speed broadband at home once it’s gone.

At 0900 almost on the dot both phone and internet dropped out. No dial tone, no power across the line. It was dead, just like someone had unplugged it from the wall.  I got though the first hour all right because I had expected it would be back. It wasn’t. I went through the usual typical tests; you know the unplugging everything and checking stuff. Nothing worked even the proverbial router restart.

I called Telecom and lodged a fault. At first I was told “It could possibly be the phone I have connected to the line.” That was a stupid notion to even think about.  There was no dial tone there was no power coming from the line at all…

The helpdesk worker was frustrating me, they called the number a few times saying it was ringing but no one was answering.  At this point I’d been on the line for over 30 minutes pulling things out and re-plugging them in.  Thank goodness I called the 0800 number and didn’t have to pay for the call.

By lunch time I was getting more than a little annoyed.  I’d fired up my 2degrees mobile broadband wireless router just so I could continue working online but the wireless connection sucked at holding decent VPN connection. At least this one did. With a 1300 video conference looming I sat unproductively looking at the blank lights on the router. Nothing, it was still dead.

With my conference less than a few minutes away I had to call Australia and let them know I’m going to have to postpone.  It was a move I was regretting.

1400 rolled around and I called Telecom back to find out what was going on.  The helpdesk person told me the usual public relations nonsense, “You’re important to us blah blah.” He also mentioned there were about 50 other customers in my area having the same problem.

Just after 1530 I got a text with an updated fix time of 7pm Friday.  That’s a whole lot of down time considering everything we consume comes though the phone line.  Internet, phone, tv, Netflix, VPN to my office all offline until this problem is fixed.

It’s now past 1700 and for the last half hour I’ve been explaining to my flatmates about the phone not working.  That because the phone isn’t working the internet isn’t working.  That’s no facebook, no Youtube…NOTHING.

Hopefully someone is onto it… my work is slowly piling up.

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