Trouble with an intercostal muscle.


I’m one of those guys who will avoid the doctor at any cost.  I hate them even more so when something is wrong.  I’ve been keeping up with my training and for personal reasons there was a need to push myself faster and harder than I’d done before.  At first I didn’t take any notice of the sharp pain in my chest.  I figured it would go away if I ignored it but it started getting worse.

Monday night I woke up short of breath a little panicked . I didn’t know what was going on inside me but one thing I did know was every time I took a breath it hurt. I got a sharp stabbing pain in my side nothing like I’d experienced before.

I know enough about heart attacks to know it wasn’t one.  When I stayed still and focused on my breathing the pain slowly went away and breathing became normal again. It was definitely some kind of inflammation.

Wednesday morning I was still in a bit of pain. By now I figured it wasn’t going away on it’s own so I made an appointment to see the doctor.  They did a whole bunch of tests to make sure it wasn’t serious and came to the same conclusion as I did. Inflammation.

After a day of painkillers and an an antiinflammatory I’m not feeling as bad. I think I’m on the mend but only time will tell.

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