A series of unfortunate events.

The last few weeks leading up to now have been rather interesting.  Right now I should be driving down to Palmerston North to finish some exams and catch up with friends.  I should be enjoying stepping away from my computer and disconnecting from technology.  Instead, I’ve been grounded by a series of unfortunate events that could be seen by some as a sign. Someone somewhere out there in the universe is trying to communicate something… but what?

Monday the 1st, seemed like any other day until went to check my post office box at the Pakuranga Plaza.  Nothing was out of the blue except as I pulled into the carpark from the street my car briefly shuddered and rolled to a stop.  I was out of fuel but my fuel gauge still said I had 1/4 of a tank. That instant I needed to use my mobile phone it was flat. When I left home fifteen minutes ago it had a full charge.  After getting help from a local police officer and some loytering teenages I got to a gas station.  Once my car had fuel in it, it had no problems.  The needle even went to the correct position.

Wednesday 3rd, another regular day.  It was cold damp and threatening to rain. I managed to get my 4.8km walk done before any significant rain started falling.  I boosted along making my 9 minute kilometers so I wasn’t away for too long. After midday I jumped in my car but when I turned the key nothing happened.  The battery was dead.  It was so flat it wouldn’t even charge again so I went to the local auto shop and got a new one.

Thursday 4th.  The day went fine. I thought I might get a whole day without anything happening that could be remotely annoying, but, then it happened.  I’d just finished two laps of the Panmure basin with some mates from the army when I heard “Oi isn’t that your car…” I looked up just in time to hear the crash. The driver of the van had reversed into my car pushing the toe ball though my bumper and reactively pulled forward.  The whole front of my car was ripped off.  Bumper, lights… everything.  I stood there with a building rage inside.  Instead I calmly exchanged insurance details with the driver.


Everything happens in threes.  Now I have to deal with insurance companies and hopefully have my car back together before I need to sit my exams next week.

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