My Linux Virtual Development Box.


For a long time the only way you could really emerse yourself in the LAMP environment was to install Linux on a computer. But why have a whole computer dedicated to Linux you’re a total n00b like I am.  There didn’t seem to be any point having two computers running so I made the switch to running virtual environments.

My Virtual Machine “VM” is running debian and has a whole load of cool things installed that make development easier.   I installed Samba, a small program that lets windows talk with Linux.  While it’s not the huge undertaking learning how to use it was my next big hurdle.

Search engines and Twitter are both your friend when it comes to using an operating system that requires you to input everything on the command line.  Those of you who remember MSDOS 6.22 back in the early 90’s will be familiar with this. Linux is nothing like MSDOS though.  It requires a whole load of new learning.  Even most of the basic commands are different.

It’s a challenge but I’m picking it up.

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