ASB’s Ridiculous Over-The-Counter Fees.

Recently I’ve had a run in with ASB in regards to their fees.  I’ve known since the first time I got pinged $3 for an over the counter deposit that the fee was there, but I didn’t realise someone else could get the fee generated as well.

I’ve been selling a few things on Trademe lately and unknown to people actually go into the bank to pay money into my account.  That simple fact of going into the bank gets me a $3 fee every time.  I don’t think this is fair because you can’t control what other people do.

The fee structure is totally ridiculous. If you walked into the bank with someone’s account, you know someone you didn’t like, and went to the counter 3-4 times a day to deposit $1 ASB would ping that customer $3 each time.  You could effectively empty a random person’s bank account just by going to different branches and depositing money into their account.

The website does mention over the counter transactions but it does not mention that a third party could effectively do the same.

I’m so angry I’m thinking of changing banks. I’ve been with the asb since I was a kid.  My loyally is fast running out.

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