You eat it, you work it off.


Everyone probably knows this all ready but I’ll say it.  If you eat crap your body will run like crap. It’s much the same with your car. Put crappy fuel in it and it will cough and splutter.  Unlike an engine the body will adapt to the environment.  Extra calories will be stored as fat for use later.

I’ll be the first one to have to check my diet.  I’m eating pretty poorly mostly because I just can’t be bothered.  It’s pretty bad and I’ve recently identified my problems.

Today started out pretty good.  For breakfast I had two weetbix and milk with a glass of orange juice. During the morning I had a few glasses of water.  For lunch I picked, I had some left over cake, a few homemade cookies and a sandwich with home grown tomatoes in it. Had a few sweet (yeah I know really bad) and for dinner I had 4 sausages in bread with onions.

I walked quite a bit today.  First walk was just before lunch and that was bout 3-4km and then again in the evening walking the dogs around the Panmure Basin just as the sun was dropping below the horizon. That’s another 3km.

I’d say Monday was pretty good for working it off just not good for fuel.

I’ll check in later in the week.

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