Two laps and proud so let’s do it again!


For the last few months I’ve been getting over my knee injury and have slowly been easing myself back into running. It’s been a long process but I’m getting there.  Today I managed to jog two laps of the Panmure Basin totaling about 6.6Km (4.1 Mile).  I’m there a couple of times a week rain or shine.  Tonight was no different.

There was a pretty nasty wind blowing over the basin but nothing I couldn’t handle.  Over the last 8 weeks I’ve been doing my runs the same familiar faces seem to pop up.

Half way around the second lap it had become darker and as I headed down the home straight it started to rain.  Not a light drizzle but those huge droplets that make you feel you’re running though a waterfall.  By the time I got to the sanctuary of my car I was drenched all the way to my skin.  That’s when it stopped and cleared up.

Something that I’ve learned is to always push on no matter of the weather.  If your mates don’t show up, run on your own.  To get results you just have to do your own thing.  When others see you’re results they’ll see what persistence is needed to get results.

Next run I’m going to start time trials, graph it and see if I can bring my lap times down.

I’m excited!

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