How many people read your blog?

As a software engineer who makes scalable website applications I’ve come quite accustomed to having a browse though web stats.  Statistics amuse me in a small way but sometimes you have to look past the stats and look at the facts.

How many readers does your blog actually have? I’m talking about readers, people who frequently visit your website to stay up to date with you.  These are actual people, not bots, scripts, probes.  You’re “Unique Visitors” shows all these.

I worked out your readers are mostly your ‘Unique Visitors’ divided by twenty.


Unique Visits = 120 / 20 = 6 Actual Readers.

How did I work this out? Well I run a social network of sorts.  I noticed a 1:20 ratio showing up in quite a few things.  1:20 people who logged in and browsed around would comment, like and generally interact with other people.  This meant for every 1000 people around 50 would be constantly active with other members.

This 1:20 equation popped up everywhere and thus can be related back to actual people who read your content.


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