Auckland gets St Patrick’s Day Shake.

It’s not often that you feel the ground shaking in Auckland but today for a brief moment it did. I’ve felt worse in Christchurch so my initial reaction was to lift my cup of water off the desk so it wouldn’t spill.  The house creaked a bit and wobbled around until the event was over.

Like almost all the other Aucklanders I follow on twitter, during and after the shake I rushed to twitter to tell everyone about my experience then waited for Geonet to post the magnitude and location.  They are getting better and faster readings.  It was listed as a magnitude 3.9 not a huge shake but it was shallow enough to freak out a few people.

I personally don’t like its location, right in the centre of a volcanic area. It get’s the mind wondering what’s actually going on under our feet.  All anyone can really do is be ready for the big one if/when it happens.

This is the drum on Gt Barrier Island.

This is the drum on Gt Barrier Island. It’s from the geonet website. The red area shows the event.

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