Good morning Palmy! I’M HERE!

Yesterday around lunch time I arrived in Palmy (Palmerston North) to catch up with friends and sit my all-important aviation exams.  This morning after having a really good sleep I’ve woken up feeling like a million dollars.  I’ve come away from Auckland that always seems to run a million kilometres an hour to a smaller city that for me is relaxing enough to de-stress.

I stepped outside this morning and looked out across the sky and it was a lovely light blue tinge. What’s more it was quiet. The traffic noise wasn’t there and the hum of city life wasn’t there.

I’m staying with a friend who’s at the apex of a triangle between the local main line railway and the airport. Still there is no stress here I’ve left it all back in Auckland.

Right now I’m at peace, rested and ready for the day.

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