Foxton Beach

Lovely day at Foxton Beach.

It seems to be a bit of a tradition for me when I visit Palmerston North to take a quick side trip out to the coast to Foxton Beach.  I haven’t been out this way for a while and how things have changed.  The blue surf lifesaving building has been painted and the carpark was finally sealed.

People share the beach with cars and even know pedestrians have the right of way there’s always a boy racer in his front wheel drive vehicle trying impress the girl friend.  I don’t recommend taking anything but a 4×4 onto the soft sand on the beach.

After helping an over keen young bloke get his ride unstuck I went for a paddle in the water.  The tide was going out so the water that washed up over the warm sand would get heated.  It took the cold Tasman chill out of the water.  This is a surf beach on any other day you’d see a number of surfers out there but no when and a cloudless sky didn’t produce waves worth surfing.

Just remember, leave only footprints take only photos.

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