Hello world!

Oh joy, I’ve started writing again. Instead of hello world it should be ‘watch out world’ for my spelling errors and super bad grammar.  That being said, the world is invited to find though words, videos and annoying audio pod casts who, what, where I am. I don’t travel as much as I used to but I have vast archives of videos and photos I’d like to share.

It’s 2013 and my goal this year is to update my site at least once a month.  It’s better than the last 2 years were the site has just lain dormant begging me to update it.  Is there anyone who actually reads anything I post anymore?  It’s perfectly normal to think just because you’ve posted one post that the whole world should instantly hang off every world.  The truth be told, I don’t write this for you [the reader] I write it because it’s cheaper than therapy.

Everyone needs a bit of therapy now and then… so this is it for me.  So there it is, you are welcome to come roll in my verbal diarrhoea, bitch about my bad grammar, my use of there and their. I won’t care one bit because I know one thing. I’m not here for you… I’m here for me!

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