I’ve been converted to wordpress.

After running my blog on my own home built software for the last few years I’ve decided it’s time to move onto a more stable platform.  I’ve chosen WordPress because it’s easy to template and has the ability to import all my old content.

The move comes at a time where I find myself playing around with the software more than actually writing content.  It’s hard to give up on something I’ve spent so many hours working on but it’s a necessary one to be able to move forward.  As a standard platform I’ve found the software to be more than just blogging software.  The platform has the potential to enable small businesses to have their own low cost website solution.

One of the downsides to this change will be the change of file structure.  I’m going to get quite a few 404 errors for a while but I think my readers will slowly come back when they see the positive changes.

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