Auckland to Nelson via. Mt Taranaki, New Zealand

Ardmore airport in south Auckland is one of New Zealand busiest. The airport is well known by the locals for its war bird population and flight training.

After fueling the aircraft and performing a pre flight inspection my pilot completed all his checks then started up.

Runway 21 was in use so our departure would take us over Papakura and through south Auckland.

Once we were airborne we started our climb to 16 thousand feet on a direct GPS track to Nelson

From 16000 feet you get to see some of New Zealand’s most stunning scenery.

I’d never seen Mt Taranaki from this altitude before and it was breath taking.

It reminded me why I learned to fly.

As we approached nelson my pilot was well into his decent. Nelson looked somewhat different from that air.

Seat backs and tray tables were stowed away as we entered the downwind leg at the airport. This would be the first time I’ve ever landed in Nelson.

After meeting some of the aero club staff and having lunch at the terminal café we were back in the air heading north back to Ardmore.

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