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Having a rest after a long 0

CLP Training, TF Company.

This weekend TF Company got introduced to Combat Logistics Patrols (CLP).  Taking knowledge we all had from our all arms courses and adding various vehicles. By the end of the day everyone was buggered.  ...

lucknow 0

Lucknow is a tiny town.

Just south of a town called Orange there is a town called Lucknow. It’s so small there isn’t really much to say about it. (sic)

the-dish 0

Parkes, CSIRO Radio Telescope.

As soon as I was checked into my motel Kim and I headed down the road in search of “The Dish”. My excitement was building because this was my whole reason for coming to...

parks_home_of_the_dish 0

Parkes, the home of the dish!

I’ve always had a huge interest in Radio Astronomy so after seeing the movie “The Dish” I decided an aussie road trip would be in order. This small town in the middle of nowhere...

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Will the real Bathurst please stand up.

I knew about Bathurst but didn’t really think about it’s geography because this place was all about the cars. There were two huge events going off in town the day we rolled into the main street...