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The night sky, constellation spotting.

It’s quite intimidating to think that we only see a small portion of the stars in the milky way.  How many exoplanets are out there with intelligent life on them.  Did they evolve much like...

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The moon on the 24/03/2015

I looked out my window this evening and thought I could get a quick snap of the moon.  Out of the few that I took this one came out the best.  Taken tonight at...

How small are we! 0

How small we really are.

When you’re looking at the night sky and you find the constellation Orion think about how small you really are in the grand scheme of things.  Rigel and Betelgeuse stand out as markers for...

us-airforce-at-whenpapai 0

USAF @ Whenuapai this morning.

On a driver task this morning I came across this little guy about to take off at Whenuapai. You couldn’t ask for better weather after Cyclone Pam never quite lived up to expectations.

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The moon on the 06/03/2015

I’ve always liked taking photos of the moon.  There is something about sitting outside being eaten by sandflies watching the sky to get that perfect shot.  I don’t have any flash equipment but my...

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Flying back to Auckland.

Breathtaking view out the window as we approached Auckland.  Couldn’t have asked for a better evening. Now I can get back into the more interesting side of life like code and working off my...


YouTube memories from 2008 #nzyt.

In 2005 after some extremely unfortunate events I started making videos on YouTube.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at the time but it was fun.  A completely...

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Farewell Spit from 30,000 feet.

On my flight to Christchurch we’d reached 30,000 feet and I looked out the window to this brilliant sight. Farewell Spit at the top of the South Island of New Zealand on a simply...