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Landing at Auckland 23L

Air New Zealand A320 landing runway 23L. A cold front lingers out to the east with heavy rain.  The airfield was in the eye.  

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The sky is such a huge place to be.

As the sun was setting and the cold front was causing chaos in the eastern suburbs a lone Air New Zealand plane makes it way in to land on runway 23L. Check out that...

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Air New Zealand Dash 8 landing 23L Auckland

Air New Zealand’s ATR’s all lined up for approach at Auckland Airport with a huge active storm cloud behind to the east.  The sun was setting producing some amazing colours in the background.

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Winter snow delays flights in Queenstown.

Queenstown airport reports that Helga is in action. Helga shifts 2,700 tonnes/hr and looks much needed for this ‘slight’ covering of snow. A number of flights have been cancelled but Airways reports they are...

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Perfect day for flying home.

Auckland to Wellington again with the really awesome weather.  You can see the cold front on the horizon the TV weatherman told us about a few nights ago.  It’s going to be a good...

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How to hide a truck.

A truck is a huge moving target on the battlefield so learning how to hide your truck is a skill every driver needs. As you can see the truck blends in with the surrounding...